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The snowball effect of the Padmaavat postponement is still intact, after several films have recently moved around their release dates as to not clash with the Deepika and Raveer starrer.

Supernatural thriller Pari, which was to open on February 9th, has now been shifted to March 2nd, producers Anushka Sharma and Prernaa Arora confirmed.

“We’ve absolutely no ego problems in accommodating other films’ releases even if it means we’ve to move our release, its fine. Success or failure doesn’t depend on when you release, but the quality of your product. Due to the repeated postponements in the Padmaavat release there’s a bottleneck of releases,” Prernaa explained. “Anushkha and I believe we havve a very special film in Pari. It will be her first release after marriage and therefore doubly special. We don’t want to spoil it by releasing alongside a tumble of releases.”

Prernaa is also co-producer of upcoming film PadMan, which is releasing alongside Padmavat. “We’re going ahead with the release alongside Padmaavati in January 25. It’s a holiday weekend and therefore big enough to accommodate two big films. We’re confident that both the films will find their audience.”