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After the colourful video of ‘Ik Pal’ from Parey Hut Love (PHL) was released last week, the anticipation for the music album of Asim Raza’s directorial was sky-high. As a treat for fans, PHL producers have now released the complete album on various musical platforms.

The album consists of six songs in total (on Saavn) including ‘Ik Pal’, ‘Behka Na’, ‘Haaye Dil’, ‘Balma Bhagora’, ‘Morey Saiyaan’ and ‘Zehal-E-Miskeen’. Hadiqa Kiani and Harshdeep Kaur have lent their voices to ‘Ik Pal’. The video for ‘Behka Na’ is coming out today (Wednesday), but did you know that the song was never meant to happen?

“The song, which was never meant to happen was the very first to come into being after Rahat’s qawwali,” director Asim Raza wrote on Instagram. The song, which I fell in love with, the first time I heard its rough melody. I wrote the lyrics of this song with tears dropping down my eyes non-stop… The soulful ‘Behka Na’ in the young voice of Ali Tariq & Harshdeep Kaur.”

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Parey Hut Love


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Jimmy Khan has sung the upbeat ‘Haaye Dil,’ which has the potential to become a hit song amongst single men. We heard a little bit of the song in the trailer when we saw Sheheryar Munawar dancing with Sonya Jehan. Aima Baig’s ‘Balma Bhagora’ is a catchy number emphasizing that Sheheryar (the actor’s name in PHL) isn’t ready for marriage.



‘Morey Saiyaan’ by Zeb Bangash is most probably the tune where Mahira is seen dancing in a red anarkali. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali ‘Zehal-E-Miskeen’ is a composition worth-listening. Check out the complete album here and enjoy!