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Academy award winning director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has found herself in the centre of yet another controversy. A few days ago, Sharmeen took to Twitter to complain about the actions of a doctor at Aga Khan Hospital who treated her sister recently and then tried to add her on Facebook.

Sharmeen Obaid

Later, Sharmeen went on to call this act ‘harassment’, a word that has greatly divided Pakistanis ever since the incident took place.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

However, the most recent update that has come forward is that the doctor has now been fired from his job at AKU due to this complaint. This has caused many to feel divided over the issue.

On the one hand, many claim that Sharmeen has used the word ‘harassment’ a little too carelessly; a Facebook request hardly sounds like harassment since it can be ignored or blocked. But on the other hand, others point out that the doctor’s act has breached a professional code of conduct where he has misused his position of power and used information that was trusted to him because of his profession, for personal gain.

The debate rages on online and we’re wondering what our readers think. Do you agree with Sharmeen’s reaction or was AKU’s decision to fire the doctor a little too harsh?