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One sixth of the world’s population will celebrate the Chinese New Yea, the year of the golden rooster and why should we not join the celebration of our BFFs in the north.

Millions of people will celebrate differently all across the world where as we keep things classy and a tad bit, well let’s just call it “subtle”. Come, sit and sip your lattes and look at all the ways we’ve paid homage to the rooster.


1. When Ali Xeeshan answers the question for everybody “what goes on in Ali’s head?”



2. When Mawra Hocane walked the runway in TIKKA chic



3. When Rubya Chaudhry told the world that handbags are for Vegans.



 4. When Tapu Javeri’s photo-shoot solved the mystery of why the chicken crossed the road.



 5. When PETA had a face-palm moment.



Featured: Rooster tea-cosy courtesy Ayesha Tammy Haq