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Feroze Khan recently shared a quote by Ibn Arabi, the 12th-century Muslim scholar, poet and philosopher featuring a photo of Turkish actor Ozman Soykut, who plays the role of Ibn Arabi in historical drama series Dirilis: Ertugrul.

“Loneliness is an essential friend on the road to bravery,” read the post shared by the Khaani star.



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In response, Ozman Soykut thanked Feroze and reshared the same photo that he had posted earlier. “Thank you Feroze Khan for sharing these golden words from the great master Ibn Arabi.”

Ozman also went on to talk about Feroze’s religious journey and career moves. “I heard you have left show business in order to serve Islam. I believe there are many different ways to serve the higher cause.”

He also showed interest in collaborating with the Pakistani actor and help him work on his mission. “Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you, or if you would like to work on some projects together!⁠”




The actor who had earlier distanced himself from showbiz made a sudden return and notified his fans and followers that he will only act and provide services for teachings of Islam.

“My Sheikh, he has ordered me that I can’t quit showbiz,” he had also said in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. He added that he believes the industry is a medium/tool to spread the message of Islam.



“He also told me that I needed to be at this place. I have to do something out of this, I have to make something out of this. So I’m reading a lot of scripts, I may act, I may produce, but I’m here,” Feroze added.

The Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 actor might have started his spiritual journey alone. However, he is not alone in this effort anymore. Feroze Khan has love and support from people who recognize his effort and are willing to help him reach his destination.