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Hajra Yamin got massive attention for her Indo-Pak project Pinky Memsaab. While the film was appreciated by many, it did not translate in numbers at the box office, however, Hajra went on to gain recognition as an actor. Her chemistry with Fahad Sheikh in blockbuster drama Jalan was loved by all and her short film Naam Kya Rakha also won hearts.

Hajra was recently seen in a series titled Oye Motti, playing a plus-size character. Since it is nowhere even close to her real-life physical appearance, we asked her why she agreed to sign Oye Motti which highlights the fat-shaming culture.

“I picked up this character because I really appreciate the fact that there are people out there who want to tell different stories,” she said in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. She also added that it is important to address the shame and insecurities faced by people with larger bodies.



“I was really excited about it and as an actor, I like to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone. I was very happy that someone was willing to acknowledge that fact and put me out of my comfort zone,” she said.

Hajra plays the character of a slightly obese girl in the series. Her physical appearance becomes her identity and those around her refuse to look beyond that. She is mocked and ridiculed at various points, however, her intelligence and beautiful personality helps her win her position.

While Oye Motti might have its shortcomings in terms of storytelling and technicalities, it’s interesting to see Hajra play a happy-go-lucky character giving people a positive perspective. The series of short telefilms directed by Muhammad Iftikhar Iffi and written by Sajjad Haider Zaidi also featured Jibran Nasir.

For fans excited to see Hajra star in more projects, the actor confirms that she’s working on a very interesting character. “You will get to know about it soon,” she promised.

Addressing the success of Jalan, Hajra said she is thankful for the response. “It was a story accepted and loved by the audience and I’m really happy that I was a part of it. More than that I loved working with the team,” she said

For now, watch her in Oye Motti like you’ve never seen her before: