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Osman Khalid Butt is one of the few male celebrities in Pakistan who are quite vocal about socio-political issues of the country. His activism isn’t limited to tweets and social media posts but he participates in conversations on various forums. A few days back, fellow actor Zahid Ahmed shared in Something Haute’s interview that ‘Pakistani channels have set policies according to which actors are allowed to slap women on TV but we cannot show intimacy’. This caught Osman’s attention and he wrote on Instagram that it is ‘Strange indeed’.

However, one troll took his reaction way too seriously (as expected) and gave him a lecture on morality.

“Just a pathetic excuse to get physical with female actors. Not to mention the influence it has on society and especially the young children and young teens,” the user wrote.




Though Zahid in his interview clearly stated that he always respects a co-actor’s comfort level and tries to develop and show an on-screen chemistry between two partners within limits. Unfortunately, a segment of our society fails to comprehend the logic and argues that this is against our moral values, however, they won’t bat an eye on the regressive portrayal of female characters.

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Osman made the best of the situation and replied to the troll in his signature satirical style on his Instagram story.

“Yeah so reactions like this are wholly predictable. First off: intimacy is not just sex. Secondly, I’d rather my child see a healthy, intimate relationship between fictional spouses than, you know, PHYSICAL ABUSE being normalized. The nerve to talk ‘influence’.

Way to go Osman! Pakistani entertainment industry needs more sane minds like yours.