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Osama Tahir is immensely talented, yet chooses to do only a few projects. We would love to see him more on our TV screens, however, even the limited body of work that he has is worth the praise. He previously appeared in Ruswai which dealt with an extremely sensitive issue, that is gang rape, and this time he is playing the role of Shayan in Mushk that touches upon several social stigmas.

Shayan is currently facing an extremely intense issue in the drama; despite being already married and having a kid, he is forced to marry his minor cousin. The entire episode was a visual trauma yet packed with a praiseworthy performance by the actor.

Mushk, amongst all its sub-plots, highlights a major issue; child marriages. The recent episode featured Shayan as a groom to a child bride and the discomfort was visible on his face. We wondered if it was the actor who was uncomfortable or the character.

Talking about the discomfort, he said it was a bit of both. “When the girl was being prepped for the wedding night scene I was like let it be. I left the premises and was sitting separately with the director,” Osama told Something Haute in an exclusive video interview.

He realized that while he was mentally ready to see something unexpected, he had no actual idea of how actually disturbing it would all be. “My first viewing of the girl in the wedding dress was the moment I enter the room in that scene. So the face that I have on in that particular moment is very genuinely in shock.”

“To see an actual child dressed as a bride was weird. It was awkward and there were no set directions. As a child artist she also has a blank face on,” he said

The actor confessed that the entire experience was very strange, and the realization that this actually happens this way was even more upsetting. It is an unfortunate reality in our country and in many parts of the world. Willingly or unwillingly, to experience this is not easy. It is a traumatizing practice, hence the actor and the character were both in shock.

Osama said that it’s an unfortunate reality that girls get married and are immediately sent off regardless of their age and maturity. “This is a reality, this happens, and the main aim was to show it to the best of our ability,” he cleared about the character and importance of the scene in the drama.

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