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You didn’t really think they were hooking up, did you!

Fanfare is following Jawani Phir Nahin Aani 2 everywhere and we’ve been stalking the cast and crew’s every move in Istanbul, Turkey as they film the first leg of the film. The casting of course has been the hottest topic of discussion and we were excited when we got to learn that Humayun Saeed, Ahmad Ali Butt and Vasay Chaudhry were reprising their roles, whereas Hamza Ali Abbasi was being replaced by Fahad Mustafa. Also that Mawra Hocane and Kubra Khan were hopping onboard as lady loves.

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There’s been a lot of speculation over who will be paired with who and many of us speculated that Mawra Hocane would be cast with Humayun Saeed as he is the central character. But we have it from reliable sources that Mawra and Fahad Mustafa are a couple in the film, which also leads us to believe that their roles are more significant than we may have thought. They definitely will be more pivotal to the plot than Hamza and Ayesha Khan, otherwise we doubt they would have signed up.