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Ace couturier Nomi Ansari, who was in London for the India Pakistan London Fashion Show this week, met up with Haroon Rashid at the BBC Asian Network for a casual interview on the growth of his brand and inevitably, a bit about all the stars he dresses for red carpets and movies, which is pretty much everyone. He was shown images of Pakistan’s top five stars and asked to comment on their dress sense and when or whether they ever go wrong. The best thing is, he was shown pictures of them wearing his outfits.


Sajal Aly

It’s no secret that Nomi and Sajal are very close and Nomi is one of Sajal’s favourite go-to designers; in the interview he candidly spoke about his loving relationship with the young Mom star. The only advice he had for her was to watch her weight as she is extremely petite but has a tendency to put on.

“She was very skinny initially, and then she had put on a lot of weight. There was a huge difference in her measurements,” he said. The camera is very unforgiving and he had her best interests at heart. “Sajal is my child,” he said. “She doesn’t need advice when she’s being herself.”


Saba Qamar


“Saba looks the best when she styles herself,” Nomi was quick to point out when shown a picture of the actress who has worn Nomi’s designs in many appearances, including the hit song ‘Kalaabaaz Dil‘. He admitted that Saba has had many fashion disasters in the past but her sense of style has improved drastically over the years. His only advice was to throw out the stylist.

“Saba always looks better when I see her in her own style,” he said. “You have to be close to your personality, to who you are. You cannot look like someone else, you have to be yourself. When she styles herself, she looks the best,” the acclaimed designer added.


Mahira Khan

Speaking about Mahira, Nomi said that the Humsafar star’s style sense is extremely diverse; she can handle ethnic as well as modern with equal ease. However, he felt that something was missing in her Cannes looks.

“When she went to Cannes, I was expecting a bit more of Mahira because she’s too big. When these stylists come in the picture and too many people are involved, they confuse you.” Again, his advice was to be yourself and throw out the stylist.


Mehwish Hyatt



“Mehwish is one of my closest friends,” Nomi said about the woman who has given Pakistan four blockbusters. Mehwish, most recently, was wearing Nomi Ansari for the hit song ‘Munday Lahore Dey‘ in Load Wedding. She’s gorgeous but her style sense isn’t always spot on and the designer pointed out why.

“Mehwish is very last minute, that’s the problem. She always needs everything last minute, she’s just unorganized and needs to be more organized.”




Nomi laughed when asked about Meera’s dress sense because everyone knows that Meera jee does exactly as she pleases.

“She does not need advice, she knows it all,” he smiled. Haroon asked if Nomi was scared to give her advice, to which he said: “I am very scared.”


You can watch the interview here: