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As the year draws close to International Women’s Day — celebrated on 8th March globally — one of the leading clothing brand in Pakistan, Nishat Linen takes an initiative to celebrate and honour the makers of our next generation; the strong, resilient and multitalented women of Pakistan. Nishat Linen Spring/Summer’21 campaign is featuring women who have the title of ‘Wife, Mom & Boss’ and are successfully juggling all the roles.

In the 21st century, it is quite a common sight to see empowered women who balance their personal and professional lives with a smile on their faces and a confident gait. Nishat Linen aims to celebrate all these women who are making a difference in their own unique ways — some are running home business, some are ruling playgrounds, some are creative geniuses, while some are defiant and breaking barriers of ‘how women are supposed to behave!’



Women are leaders everywhere you look — they take the world and its challenges as they come and conquer them with every ounce of their strength — from CEOs who run Fortune 500 companies to a wife who cares for her family, every woman defies stereotypes each day. And despite having multiple roles with different responsibilities, women are making a mark in every territory: they are hands-on mothers, caring spouses, diligent co-workers and admirable bosses.



All of these women, irrespective of their walks of life, are an inspiration to their community and should be celebrated for their efforts. Nishat Linen aims to highlight and honour these stories of sisterhood and solidarity in their campaign with a hashtag #HerUnstoppableForce. With several in-house meetings and Facebook panel discussions, the brand initiated a conversation and wants to take it forward by inviting women to speak about their experiences as working moms and wives who have worked hard to have a position of authority in their professional life.



Nishat Linen is committed to encourage such inspirational women whose passion have driven them to new heights and who have not neglected any part of their lives during this journey. The brand wants people to come forward and join the narrative in order to thank, admire, support and celebrate the modern-day women of strength in our lives who inspired us through their actions or invaluable contributions in our lives. Be it your mothers, your better-halves, or your boss, it is time to motivate #HerUnstoppableForce.