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Ever wondered what it’s like to stay in an architectural masterpiece complete with touchscreen control panels, a decadent indoor pool, and a well-equipped gym? If you have, then look no further than Nishat’s newest feather in their cap! Located in Johar town, the hotel has already become a cult favourite and there’s no doubt it’s one of the most brilliant hotels in the city. So, what exactly does The Nishat have to offer? We’re here to give you all the details!

As a part of the larger Emporium complex, the Nishat Hotel not only delivers impeccably on style (we’re talking Instagram gold here) but takes a no bars held back approach to hospitality.

When you enter the hotel, the glass-enclosed hallway with marble effect black tiles placed in a geometric pattern (a common theme throughout) creates a promisingly Haute walk to the elevators.



Walking into The Nishat Hotel the geometric and minimalist approach to decor begins at security.


For people who have an eye for interior decor, The Nishat will be a buffet of delight for your eyes. The interiors behind Nishat reflect the brand’s mega identity: a perfect balance of grandeur and minimalism.

The reception area has a number of clean-lined furniture in different shades of blue velvet mixed with prints here and there, the glass-enclosed upper floor and staircase expose the hotel’s restaurant Bistro (more on that later) and allow for natural light to pour in.



Overlooking the hotel’s lobby.


We were escorted to one of the hotel’s Royal Suites as guests of both Ammara Khan (her digital exhibition took place in mid- November) and the hotel itself. From the elevator to the door of our suite, the hallways had white and grey striped carpets that tie into the lights, creating an illusion of a 360-degree lit walkway.



The futuristic lit up hallway.


The room itself was made to be pinned to your ‘One Day Maybe’ Pinterest board. It consisted of minimalist furniture in hues of muted greens and deep velvets, complete with touchscreen control panels. The hotel is an escapist’s dream.



The dining area in the ‘living’ part of the suite.


Those spending the night at The Nishat are given access to their decadent indoor pool and lovely gym. For shopping enthusiasts, the hotel also allows access to the Emporium Mall from the ground floor.

After sleeping in your plush four-poster bed as a guest at #TheNishat (because you will want to gram from the sheets), you’re treated to a breakfast at the Bistro.



Cozy and chic!


Décor-wise, the Bistro is a dream. Velvet bench seats replaced bulky booths while floral upholstery matched well with muted tones and subtle metals. The food itself was served buffet style, with room for improvement in terms of selection, so venturing out for a tasty meal in the city of food would be your best bet.



The dining area.

Check out and check in was a breeze, there was no befuddlement behind the desk and there was always someone right around the corner to lend a helping hand. Suffice to say, The Nishat is going to set standards for all hotels to come.