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Naumaan Ijaz is a versatile actor and an asset for the entertainment industry. Regardless of how big or small his role, every time he performs on screen, he owns the character and makes his presence felt. Similarly, his character in Dunk became a massive hit despite the controversy surrounding the plot.

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His phenomenal portrayal of a professor falsely accused of harassment made viewers extremely emotional. His tragic end broke millions of hearts, highlighting the fact that while it is extremely important to support the #MeToo movement, there is also a huge responsibility attached.

Several critics had an issue with the plot and accused the makers and the cast of damaging the movement.

Addressing the issue in an interview with Independent Urdu, Naumaan Ijaz who plays the character of Professor Humayun said that Dunk is based on a true incident that occurred in Lahore in 2019.

An English language professor at Government MAO College committed suicide following a case of sexual assault. Reportedly, Professor Afzal Mehmood, took his life after his wife left him and the college administration refused to issue a clearance certificate to him even after harassment allegations were proven false.




“When we accuse someone of a crime this grave, we often forget about the implications of it. We forget the impact it would have on the accused, his family,” said the star. “Not everyone has strong will power, some are very sensitive. He couldn’t face it and died of suicide.”

Expressing this thoughts about the comments, the actor maintains that no one tried to sabotage the #MeToo movement. He further clarified that no one should harass anyone, regardless of gender and there should be proper laws to ensure check and balance.



“We have black sheeps in the society who manipulate such meaningful movements. So, it is extremely important to investigate properly before passing on the verdict if a person is innocent or guilty. In this country, there should be some punishment for people who falsely accuse anyone.”