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Fawad Khan’s charm knows no boundaries and his talent knows no limits. Not only is he an amazing actor, singer, and model, he’s also an amazing human being. His Behadd co-star, Nadia Jamil made a few revelations about him and guess what? We’re even more impressed than we were before.

Did you know that Fawad himself has composed the backdrop of the award-winning telefilm, Behadd? Well, we did not either, until now.

Directed by Asim Raza, and starring Fawad Khan, Nadia Jamil and Sajal Aly in the lead, Behadd tells the story of a complex mother-daughter relationship and how their love for each other becomes the cause of their heartache.

Nadia’s comment on his nature has won him, even more, love from our end.

“Utterly professional he is. Before the proposal scene in real life, I had had a HUGE epileptic seizure. He stayed cool and calm and we sailed through that scene! All of us stayed up and pulled all-nighters,” tweeted Nadia praising him.

Nadia herself is a beautiful human and has been fighting brain tumour for years now. She had her first seizure in 2012, during the shooting of Behadd. However, she continues to be a source of strength and inspiration for many.

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