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Actor Nadia Jamil, who last appeared in human trafficking based drama, Damsa has fought a long hard battle against cancer. Her strength and journey has been an inspiration for many and the fact that she has beaten cancer is a victory worth celebrating.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2020 and since then, has gone through a health crisis. She underwent surgery and sessions of chemotherapy, however, she kept sharing joy and positivity with her fans and followers on social media. In August, the warrior revealed that she is “out of the danger zone” and now she shares that she is ‘officially cancer free!’

“Officially cancer free. All tests cancer clear. Shukar Alhamdolillah. Thank you all for your love, prayers and support,” she wrote, revealing that she has some nerve damage in her feet due to chemotherapy.

However, she promises to dance her way through this too. “But I shall live to dance my way, because bhangra is all in the shoulders anyways,” she posted on social media.



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She gave a shoutout to industry celebrities and friends Sania Saeed, Muniba Mazari, Adnan Siddiqui and Sultana Siddiqui for always being by her side.

However, she shares that not all colleagues were as supportive.

“Some colleagues, now megastars, would repeatedly give me a time for a small chat, then have me wait/chase them. I can only pray Allah brings respect & humility to their hearts. After all, fame & name is nothing in the scheme of the universe & we are all, in the end, buried in the same soil.”

She went on to display her gratitude for all that she earned, including new friends, during this tough time.

“I have made new friends and family, to whom I am bound for life, not by blood, but by the solid support they offered me during cancer and isolation during the pandemic. These incredible souls are a great blessing,” she said.

She also gave herself credit for being strong during these tough times.

“In the end though, I have stood by myself,” she wrote. “It is my breathe that keeps me alive, my self that protects me. It is my mind that wakes up to the dawn light, searching for clarity, loving green trees, moving against silver blue skies. It is my heart that feels full to the brim with gratitude and joy for every amazing blessing and gift the Creator exposes me to.”

“Although I shall fall again, I know I have the will to learn to stand. And with each fall, I shall rise stronger and clearer. May I always be shown the path towards truth, kindness, humility, respect, love, and then have the sense and will to walk it. Shukar Alhamdolillah and thank you so much,” she concluded.

We wish health and strength to Nadia Jamil and all those fighting a similar battle.