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Hajra Yamin and Fahad Sheikh have been entertaining viewers with their chemistry in the ongoing drama serial, Jalan. Seeing them together in See Prime’s latest short film, Naam Kya Rakha was an absolute treat for the fans.

The narrative of Naam Kya Rakha revolves around high school sweethearts, played by Hajra Yamin (Zehra) and Fahad Sheikh (Shayaan). Due to family differences, they break up only to unexpectedly bump into each other at a later stage in life.



Shayaan faces an accident and is rushed to the hospital where he comes face to face with Zehra, who is now pregnant.

“One of the hardest battles in life is between hanging on and letting go,” says the official description of the short film. In the story, she gets married and moves forward while he decides to stay single even after seven years of their breakup.

The short film is simple yet beautifully packed with heartfelt dialogues. The actors have played their roles to perfection and executed the emotions flawlessly. The story and their unspoken pain touched hearts and proved to be a real tearjerker.



This is a reality portrayed beautifully by the makers and many will be able to relate to it, as well. Even in today’s generation, when it comes to marriages, parents still choose to follow redundant norms and have unnecessary expectations. They pressurize their children to marry someone from the same caste/background as they feel that their son/daughter would be corrupting and dishonoring the family by getting an outsider into the family.

If somehow, the couple decides to let go of all these shackles and continue with the relationship, they quite often face hardships and severe societal resentment. In most cases, however, it’s easier to just give in to the family demands and societal pressure.



The cast also includes Faizan Shaikh who plays Zehra’s husband in the story. Written by Shaha Jamshed, the short is directed by Sohail Javed.

“A humble effort, labour of love, will be paying tribute through my work to the people I learned from, whatever little knowledge I have of storytelling is because of these giants. This one is for Gulzar Sahab,” shared the director on Instagram.

Watch the short film here: