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With Na Maloom Afraad 2 garnering massive success at the box office, no one would have thought that the film would get into murky waters with the censors, especially after 5 successful weeks on the silver screen. However, leave it to the Punjab Censor Board to flush all common sense down the toilet.

According to a circular shared by the PCB, the notification calls for the suspension of NMA2’s screening in Punjab, citing ‘persistent complaints from different quarters.’ Interestingly enough, the censor board writes that is ‘pleased to suspend exhibition of the film’ and fails to elaborate why.



The team behind NMA 2 is equally shocked by the decision and plans to hold a press conference against the decision at the Karachi Press Club tomorrow (Saturday).

Speaking to Something Haute, the director of the film, Nabeel Qureshi, questioned the decision and the grounds on which the Na Maloom Afraad 2 has been banned.

“Nothing is mentioned in the circular as to why the film is being banned, and that’s the most stupid thing about the notice. When the film has already run for 35 days in the cinemas without an issue, then I don’t know what suddenly became a problem,” Nabeel said.

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According to the filmmaker, the decision may have come after a certain newspaper published an article citing the film to have ‘amoral’ scenes.

“We spoke to the exhibitors and distributors in Punjab and they confirmed they have never received any complaints against the film, whether from the audience or anyone,” the director said. “Usually you see complaints on social media, but with NMA 2, you don’t see that there either. I think this is a pre-planned conspiracy to damage the Pakistani film industry, and we will see them in the court of law.”

Another theory doing the rounds – and don’t shoot the messenger – is that Na Maloom Afraad 2 has been doing better in the local box office and articles raising issues of vulgarity were planted strategically in time to block weekend traffic. Note that the last weekend also lost business for films as cinemas were closed due to Muharram. Now, who could be behind the entry of these Na Maloom Afraad in Punjab? Professional rivalry is not unheard of.

With all said and done, one cannot believe that something this absurd could actually happen. If anything, the action by Punjab Censor Board surely will go in the annals of lunacy.