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Several celebrities have millions of followers on social media, however, the content they share either has zero value or is being carelessly created. Anoushey Ashraf is one celebrity who is vocal about issues that demand attention and a strong advocate of kindness and humanity. An influencer who knows how to use her position in a way that has a positive impact on society.

The artist has raised her voice to promote kindness on several occasions. Recently she shared a picture of the late Qandeel Baloch who became a victim of honour killing and emphasized that as a society, our job is not to judge anyone based on the little knowledge and information we have about them.



“On this day many years ago, Qandeel Baloch put up a picture of me when we met at a show. She thought I was kind. That’s all it took to make someone happy. Being kind. Being respectful. To each and every human,” she wrote.

“I know nothing of her struggles or her miseries. I only see someone on the surface and I shall never be mean to someone for their choices. It’s not my job, honestly. My job is only to be kind. Zero judgments. You can disagree with her ways, but you can never agree with hurting anyone,” she added.

How you treat others has more to do with the kind of person/human you are. With Bakra Eid around the corner, Anoushey also requested her followers to be kind to the sacrificial animals.




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This is not the first time Anoushey has shown compassion towards all living creatures. She annually reaches out to her fans urging them to care, respect and love their animal of sacrifice to the absolute fullest.

Being an animal rights activist, she shared points to remember while making the sacrifice.

“A few things; please make sure to remember it’s a ‘sacrifice’ not ‘slaughter’ and it takes place in the most humane way possible. Don’t make children run the blade on the animal please. The qasai should be a thorough professional, if the animal experiences discomfort, pain and severe distress you’re doing it wrong. There are gentle manuals on it. The knives should be so sharp that the animal shouldn’t feel any pain.”

“Do not make your stomach a graveyard for animals” she added further reflecting on the meaning of sacrifice.

“Be humble about it. May Allah accept our sacrifices this year. The greatest nations are those that are kind to their animals. Many of them are our food, they fill our hungry bellies. They’re a big blessing. They provide nourishment to us. We have to respect them. We have to be thankful to them. Thank you Allah, for the food you provide us. Thank you. And thank you to the countless animals who feed our greed,” she concluded.