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King of Romance in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan graced the Kolkata Film Festival for its inaugural ceremony over the weekend. The megastar was his usual witty self, cracking self-deprecating jokes while talking to the audience. He spoke about his controversial fairness cream endorsement and shared that his daughter is the most beautiful girl despite her skin colour.

Attending the 24th Kolkata Film Festival, where the Raees actor was also honoured with a KIFF award, SRK shared that his fans are often seen questioning his brand endorsements, especially his appearances for a fairness cream. But the actor in no manner encourages discrimination on the basis of skin colour as he believes his daughter — Suhana Khan — though dusky, is the most beautiful girl.
“I’ll be honest, my daughter is sanwli [dusky] but she is the most beautiful girl in the world and nobody can tell me otherwise,” he said.

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The acclaimed actor-producer revealed he has always been honest with his fans and followers and never tried to deceive them. “Trust me, I’ve never tried to be dishonest with anyone. I mean, who am I to do so? I was never the best-looking guy, the tallest person, the most able-bodied person,” he added.

He expressed that he neither had perfect hair nor he came from a fine lineage. “I did not come from an acting school that taught me to be a Hindi film hero. So, how can I belittle someone on any of these seven-eight aspects?” he asked rhetorically.



The Om Shanti Om actor said that his wife, Gauri Khan and his children are mango people and by judging someone from their physical or outwardly traits he would be insulting his family.
“I’m a lower-middle-class guy with none of these trappings. The only thing that must have worked for me is honesty. But look at me now; because of my stardom, I’m good looking also; I’ve become a poster boy! What joke is that?”

The actor’s upcoming film, Zero‘s trailer was also played at the film festival. The film is slated for release on December 21st.