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Teefa in Trouble is all set to release in a week’s time on July 20th. Directed by Ahsan Rahim, the film stars Ali Zafar, Maya Ali, Javed Sheikh, Faisal Qureshi and Mehmood Aslam as the lead cast.

Judging by the trailer, the film appears to be packed with action, some gorgeous locales and tongue-in-cheek humour, which will surely get the audiences’ attention. Another highlight of the film is the songs, mostly composed and sung by the lead actor Ali Zafar himself. We know that music is Ali’s strength.

Here’s our take on the music:

Chan Ve

Sung and written by Ali Zafar, ‘Chan Ve’  featuring Aima Baig is a sweet romantic ballad sung in Punjabi with a mix of English. The composition is by Naqash Haider and carries a magnetic vibe, which instantly makes the tune hummable. There’s a reason why the refreshing tune managed to garner over 7.5 million on YouTube! It is a little cheesy but then we have enough cheese lovers out in the world.

‘Item Number’

‘Item Number,’ as the name suggests, is a dance number that cheekily grooves against all item songs. “Mein item number nahi karoongi, jo karna hai kar wale,” Maya Ali croons. It’s a super catchy dance number sung by Ali Zafar and Aima Baig with a mix of English and Punjabi both. The words are cheeky but the fun beat really gets you going. Afterall, it had been trending as #1 on YouTube for a reason with over 5.5 million views.

Butt Sahab

Butt Sahab’ is a comedic introductory song to the character Billu Butt. The tune is reminiscent of the song  ‘Rockstar’ sung by Ali Zafar in Coke Studio and carries somewhat the same vibe too, if you carefully listen to it. It has been written, composed and sung by Ali Zafar.

Sajna Door’

Sajna Door’ is another ballad that speaks of forlorn love and romance. The mood of the song is not as peppy as other songs in the film but has its own character suited for a specific sequence. It has been sung by Ali Zafar featuring Aima Baig and is penned by both Danyal and Ali Zafar.

Ishq Nachunda’

Ishq Nachaunda’ is a deep, soulful, Sufi song that speaks of the heart and mind aching and yearning for the beloved. As the name suggests, it’s a Punjabi song sung by Ali Zafar himself who has co-written the song with S.M Saddique and co-composed and co-produced with Baqir Abbas.

Nahi Jaana’ 

Nahi Jaana’, the sixth and final track of the album is a light and lovely folk melody sung in the spirit of celebration at weddings. The mood is fun and has been sung by actress Asma Abbas with music composed by Shani Arshad.

Our top favorites have to be the first two tracks ‘Chan Ve’ and ‘Item Number’ from Teefa in Trouble’s music album.

Teefa in Trouble is scheduled for release on July 20, 2018.

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Let us know your favourite song and what you thought of the music!