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With Load Wedding’s release just a few weeks away, the film’s music has recently been released as a jukebox compilation for its countless fans.

Comprising five songs, the Nabeel Qureshi directorial already took fans by storm with its first track, ‘Rangeya’. However, does every song have that magic? Here’s our take!

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This is the first track to be officially released from the movie and we’re in love with it. Initially, the voice reminded us of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s but soon we were proven wrong when we discovered it has been sung by Mulazim Hussain and Misaal Zaidi. Both the voices weave magic with the melodic notes and make Rangeya a perfect ballad for new-found love.


‘Kooch Na Karin’   

Kooch Na Karin is a folkloric Punjabi track sung by Azhar Abbas. The song appears like it’s one, best suited for a background score but not something we could sing along with. Having said that, the tune is endearing and we might end up enjoying it more once we see it befitting a scene in the movie.

‘Munday Lahore De’

This one is reminiscent of Boohay Bariyan by Hadiqa Kiani from the way it starts. Sung by Mohsin Abbas Haider and Saima Jehan, Munday Lahore De is a typical shaadi song played at a Punjabi wedding and shake a leg or two or might just roll into a bhangra. The tune is festive and the beat is catchy but not sure if it’s one we would be hooked to.


‘Good Luck’

Good luck is a rather fun track sung by Shakar Wanda Re famed singer Asra Shah and Tehreem Muniba. Sung in Punjabi, the tune is catchy and the music is upbeat one wouldn’t mind dancing to. Bet it will have a bigger impact once shown in the film.



Faqeera is the last track from Load Wedding’s music album sung by Shani Arshad. The tune is soulful and sounds more like a going away track rather than a peppy one. The melodious flute in the track adds more depth to the tune and we wouldn’t mind taking a listen to it on a quiet afternoon.

Our top favourites have to be the first and the last track from the album.

Load Wedding is all set to release on Eid-Ul-Azha and stars Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa in lead roles.


You can listen to the complete album here: