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From the days of busting some moves to ‘Fair and Lovely Ka Jalwa’ to essaying Zenith Irfan in her upcoming biopic, Motorcycle Girl, it seems Sohai Ali Abro has come a long way.

Shattering stereotypes and talking about women empowerment one bike ride at a time, the trailer for the film has exceeded the expectations of many.

Opening the trailer with an indifferent Sohai in the middle of an arranged marriage meeting with Ali Kazmi – who happens to be correcting her Urdu pronunciation, Motorcycle Girl explores Zenith’s quest to find independence for what she wants to do.


Samina Peerzada plays Sohai’s mother.

Showcasing a deep change and determination in her, we find Zenith with just one thought on her mind: to travel to Khondab on a motorcycle and fulfill her father’s dreams, who she lost at a very early stage in life.

The trailer showcases the battles she fights both professionally and personally which makes one feel both good and bad. Good because it’s brilliant to see a woman full of so much courage, and bad because why must a woman go through it all in the first place!

Adnan Sarwar has the sensitivity to tell a story with a touching human angle. A film maker’s challenge is to take an actor and change his or her perception, which he has with Sohai, who had been stereotyped as a bit of an item or eye candy previously. She seems to have done complete justice to the character.

Motorcycle Girl will be released in cinemas across Pakistan on 20 April this year. It is written and penned by Adnan Sarwar, whose first feature film was based on the story of Pakistani Olympian boxer Syed Hussain Shah.

We cannot wait to watch the film!

Check out the trailer here: