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Sohai Ali Abro is all set to make her silver screen return with Motorcycle Girl and at the heart of the film is the soul-stirring number ‘Urr Chalay.’

The song, which has been penned by Sami Khan and Xulfi with vocals from Ali Noor, showcases the hard yet uber-inspiring journey of Zenith Irfan, while also revealing the tough side of life as her goal get nearer.

Truly, ‘Urr Chalay’ is a track of encouragement which inspires one to live out dreams to the fullest regardless of whatever difficulties come their way.

The story of Motorcycle girl is inspired by the real-life travel journey of Zenith Irfan, who fulfilled her father’s wish to travel the northern areas on a motorcycle leaving an example behind.

The film thus is shot in Lahore, Hunza, and Khunjeraab.

Check out the song here and tell us what you think: