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To get the good out of the way, let me just begin by saying that Teri Raza is an example of how superb actors can make a bizarre plot and script work. Sarmad Khoosat is stellar as Imtiaz and Sanam Baloch is extremely convincing as Suhana. Suhana’s parents are both great actors and even daadi, albeit annoying in her know-it-all ways, is perfect in her character. Rameez manages to deliver the right level of annoyance and that wraps up the main cast. But what does one do with the script and story, which dragged its feet through some really strange occurrences this week?

1) “Hey, sweety kya haal hai?” Why the hell is Rameez cleaning his car outside Jeena’s house and behaving as if everything’s perfect between them?

2) Why is Jeena behaving as if she has been betrayed whereas she knew Rameez and Suhana were an item before she got engaged to him.

3) Suhana’s parents won’t allow her to go to the boutique alone but they leave her behind, even taking Manzooran, for a wedding in Hyderabad. Does anyone understand this logic?

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4) Does anyone else find it ridiculous that Rameez should have to ask why Imtiaz has sent Suhana back home? Even more bizarre is that he actually asks whether it’s because of him! No, you idiot, it’s because she forgot to put salt in the daal! “Does he suspect me?” he asks and she also says no. What’s going on!?

5) Why is Suhana behaving as if Imtiaz has sent her home for no reason? She wanted to leave Imtiaz to be with Rameez but did she expect it to happen smoothly, with everyone’s blessings? Is she really that dumb? The only logical dialogue is Rameez telling her that this is exactly what they wanted and she should hasten their divorce and marry him. Exactly!

6) Could anyone tell us the need for that scene between Daadi, Manzooran and Manzoor?

7) And lastly, why has the soundtrack been removed due to copyright claims? Does ARY not have rights for this Ali Sethi song?

To wrap things up, this episode of Teri Raza was totally mind-numbing and had no logic. We hope the writer will bring it back to sane-land next week.