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With Pakistan bringing the ICC Champion’s trophy home, proving once again that they’re as badass and unstoppable as ever, we at the haute headquarters decided to join in on the trolling and take you through the historic victory. Pakistan crushed India by 180 runs in a nail biting, nerve wrecking finale that not only calmed the faiths of millions of fans from this side of the border but unfortunately left even more shattered on the other side of the LOC. In true spirit of sportsmanship we mean no harm, at least not much of it.

1. When India won the toss and decided to bowl first

Who would have known that the toss was the only thing Kohli was going to win that day?! Well it worked out great for us because taking the lead with the batting made all the difference


2. When Fakhar Zaman was ousted to a No Ball

Yes, hearts stopped all over the country at this moment but luckily only moments later it was announced that certain lines were crossed and Fakhar was back to play and soon becoming the most popular person in the entire country. Watch out Fawad.


3. When Fakhar Zaman shot back with two boundaries and then that century

And then the game started with a hit after hit. Fakhar Zaman not only played exceptionally well but scored his first century. Did your hearts melt the same way as ours; we’ll take that as a yes.



4. When Pakistan ended the score at 338/4

A standing ovation to our boys in green for giving us a proud moment tonight. Pakistanis everywhere and across the country swung their flags high and just like everyone, we were also proud parents of boys that finally performed to the might of their potential.

We might have shed a single tear.

5. When Muhammad Amir tore into the Indian top order removing Rohit Sharma

To the disbelief of many, we would just like to reaffirm everyone that, yes, this actually happened and yes it was 0-1, not the other way around.


6. When Azhar Dropped a catch at first slip

Our guards went straight up and a dedicated cricket fan might have had a meltdown somewhere screaming “ I told you so” but thank our lucky stars that this was the only slip up that happened the entire night and was followed up with a near to perfect run on the field.


7. When Amir took the lead and showed everyone who’s in charge

And the hero of the night, Muhammad Amir not only ousted Kohli but took away several other key players making him the most eligible to our love, respect and heart. If we didn’t say it enough, you sir are a national treasure.


8. When the Indian team crossed the point of no return

That moment in the match, for us it was when Dhoni’s wicket fell and the cameras zoomed into Kohli sitting at the bleachers. It was apparent that a gracious speech was brewing in his head. In fear of our patriotism being challenged, we have to admit a little part of us wanted to give him a hug.


 9. When the entire stadium got ready for what was about to happen

Yes, those watching from their home were putting on their dancing shoes and drafting their #GoGreen tweets. To the disbelief of many, Pakistan was about to prove everyone wrong and take home the trophy.


 10. When Rishi Kapoor became the biggest troll of the year

The biggest loser of the night has to be Mr. Rishi Kapoor who not only became an overnight troll favorite but will probably remain so for a while. Thank God twitter has a deactivation button. Time to press it Chinto.