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Nostalgia is an absolutely necessary feeling in the fast paced world we live in today. Not only is it important for the brain to rest and revisit old memories for the sake of sanity, but it’s also important (especially for artists) as the past always evokes a certain sense of romanticism that the present sometimes cannot achieve on its own.

This romantic playfulness can be seen in Mohsin Sayeed’s latest video for his designer label, The Pink Tree, and we are so glad that Mohsin has managed to hit all the right notes with it. From the beauty of the Walled City of Lahore, to the understated elegance of Pakistan’s original movie star, Resham, Mohsin’s latest venture is all about revisiting the nineties.

The Walled Treasure is Mohsin’s latest bridal collection and as one would imagine by the theme of the video, the collection is actually not traditional at all. The silhouettes and colour palettes are all slightly contemporary, as Mohsin describes it himself, but the idea to shoot in such a traditional setting was done on purpose to create a contrast between the two different generations.

“I, along with Amna Kamal of MindMap communications, was hellbent on shooting in Lahore. We wanted to capture the picturesque environment of  the old Lahore,” said Mohsin when we spoke over the phone. “I was also hellbent on having Resham be part of the video because she is so beautiful and elegant. And I’m so happy that everything turned out superbly!”

Mohsin could hardly contain his excitement with the project’s success. “I cannot thank my team enough. The MindMap team from Islamabad really made everything feel like a breeze. And did you see that gorgeous jewellery? And oh my God, what a beautiful song! It was sung by Arpha Shah and her brother Zohaib. Absolutely brilliant!”

We wondered whether the nineties charm visible in the video was intentional. “Absolutely. I can relate to that time era because that is when I grew up and did all my learning. Back then, we used to work very hard. We would plan and consult and experiment and deliver. I learned from giants like Khursheed Masood and Asif Raza. They taught me how to create the perfect frame.”

But what’s wrong with the current era that one remembers the nineties almost sadly? “We’ve become very lazy now, our models today can’t even hold a pose for more than two seconds. And we rely way too much on photoshop. We’ll take a hundred images and say ‘yeh toh photoshop mein fix hojayega.'”

Mohsin also applauded Resham’s thorough professionalism. “Did you know, our shoot time was for 4 am, and at 4.03 I got a call from Resham who had reached Depilex and was wondering where I was. She really made me miss the old sense of professionalism and punctuality. Also, she was as cool as a cucumber on set. She had no starry tantrums or attitude problems. She was very proactive and kept asking ‘Is this okay? Should I do more?’ I loved it!”

The passion in Mohsin’s words can also be seen in his video, which also happens to be Resham’s first ever fashion video to date. Watch the old school charm and decide for yourselves if you miss it too: