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Pakistan’s fashion hit a high note this weekend when we saw pictures of Hollywood star — Tan France — circulating on social media, in which he was dressed in a traditional ensemble by Pakistani designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha.

Tan France is a British-Pakistan stylist and TV personality who rose to fame after appearing in Netflix reality TV series, Queer Eye. Later, he received more recognition in 2020 when he hosted the Netflix reality show Next in Fashion and was a fashion expert along with British writer, television presenter, model, and fashion designer, Alexa Chung.

Tan is known for his great fashion sense and expertise on aesthetic and his recent choice to wear a chic cream sherwani by Mohsin Naveed Ranjha is enough proof of that.


Mohsin Tan France


Talking about this surprise collaboration, Mohsin shared how, some time ago, he noticed that some of the pictures of his outfits on Instagram were liked by Tan France and he thought it was a fake account or a fan page.

“Later on I discovered that he is the real deal, so I asked my team to get in touch with him. We connected on social media. They (Tan’s team) were very interested in working with MNR. I was amazed that Tan France knew Pakistani craft and technical details of our couture. There was a lot of conversation on his look. He wanted an Eastern look; he wears a lot of Tarun Tahiliani. We discussed for quite sometime about the look and then designed this for him,” the designer shared.

Tan wore the cream sherwani with intricate threadwork and button details for a “magical South Asian night” and thanked the designer on his Insta Story. The Hollywood star hasn’t forgotten his Pakistani roots and that’s evident in how elegantly he pulled off the sherwani.

Interestingly, that’s not all and there are more surprises in store.

“If I’m not wrong, we’re the first Pakistani designer to design for him. We’re designing some more looks for him too. Social media has allowed us to connect with the world; nothing is impossible anymore,” Mohsin added.

Tan France also posted the look on his Instagram and admitted that he was the only one who had put an effort to dress up in traditional wear on the South Asian night.

“What I wore to the South Asian’s dinner, a few days ago, where I was the ONLY one who turned up in traditional clothing,” he wrote.



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Back in November 2018, the internet went berserk when Mohsin Naveed Ranjha’s name appeared on Filmfare magazine’s cover featuring Ranveer Singh in one of his designs. The Lahore-based designer has since collaborated with many Pakistani superstars and now he has reached Hollywood as well. So, we wonder what’s next on his agenda that is going to take the internet by storm?

“I would love to dress up global stars, even if it is Bollywood. But keeping in mind the socio-political conflicts we are having with our neighbours, it’s best to take some time off. However, as a fashion designer, it is always exciting to dress up talented individuals and make Pakistani designs known to the world,” Mohsin said.

From Gujranwala to the world, Mohsin Naveed Ranjha certainly has come a long way. And while this is certainly an incredible achievement for him, Mohsin is aware that he has more responsibility on his shoulders than before. We wish him all the best!


  • Avatar Tara Ali says:

    You should do some research before writing an article. Tan France doesn’t use Pakistani in his title and he never has. Do you even know he is the first openly gay Muslim artist? Why does a renowned Pakistani designer flying in airs after designing an outfit for a pathetic POS? Just google tan France and look at the first pic that comes. You will puke I bet. Stop normalising LGBT in Pakistani blogs and articles.

  • Wonderful! That article was exactly what I am seeking!

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