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We have seen Mohsin Abbas Haider acing characters in dramas and films, but we also know he’s a fantastic singer. Having proved his métier with Uddi Ja in Coke Studio, he also keeps sharing his musical performances in his TV show Mazaak Raat on social media.

Mohsin has now released a new song titled Na Jaa — in collaboration with musician Sohail Haider. Unsurprisingly, the track is quite melodious.

Directed by Ali Hassan, the video features the two artists singing to a soothing tune in Punjabi and Urdu; with the lyrics forbidding a lover from leaving. Set on a white backdrop, the visuals are as calming as the flute playing in the composition.


Mohsin Abbas Haider


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The beautiful composition has been written and composed by both Mohsin and Sohail with the highlight of the song being the conclusion when Mohsin and Sohail sing together.

Although Mohsin has previously lent his voice to songs in Na Maloom Afraad and Load Wedding, after listening to this song we hope to hear more from him as a playback singer on the big screen.

Check out the song and let us know what you think: