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Unlike the common saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none,”  Mohsin Abbas Haider proves that one can be a master of all with the right amount of potential and hard work!  He is is a man, acing many talents at once; from hosting to singing and acting to dancing and being a wonderful human, he’s pretty much everywhere. Maybe that is the reason he was nominated for three different categories at the Lux Style Awards 2018. 

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Winning and losing is, however, a whole different debate altogether. Recently the LSAs were aired and according to some fans, Fizza Ali Meerza was spotted booing at Ahad Raza Mir as he went on stage to receive an award for which Mohsin was also nominated. While the producer denied all accusations, we got in touch with the Na Maloom Afraad 2 actor for further clarification regarding the matter.



“Firstly, I do not even know why that moment was highlighted by LSAs. Maybe it was done on purpose, maybe it wasn’t,” he said. ” And we’re very good friends with Ahad. In fact, when we were shooting for Muqabil, he would come to the sets and he would even assist our director. He has truly groomed himself and come forward on the basis of hard work and talent. Asif Raza Mir was in Muqabil, so we got to bond and know him through him also. But he is hard working and very well deserved!”

“However, what happened was that Nabeel, Fizza and I were sitting. I was nominated for 3 categories, Best Actor Film (NMA2), Best Singer (NMA2) and Best Actor TV (Muqabil), and I did not win any. Fizza was teasing me! She was making fun of me! She did not boo at Ahad Raza Mir and that is something I can personally vouch for,” Mohsin cleared that it wasn’t meant to offend or disrespect anyone.

“It was our inside joke that got aired on TV and blown out of proportion. We respect Ahad, his dad, Asif sahab, and in fact his grandfather too,” he added saying it was a well-deserved win and there are no hard feelings. ” I apologise if it might have hurt anyone or their sentiments!”

That being cleared, we moved on to ask Mohsin about what’s next…

“I had been in Lahore shooting for Lashkara and now I’m back in Karachi doing a serial with Big Bang and the director of Muqabil once again. This is a very special project for me, it’s going to prove to be a turnover I feel. It’s a very risky project,” he revealed. “I think I’ve taken this risk too early in my career but I’m excited,” Mohsin added saying details will be announced real soon.


“Basically, I’m in Karachi for two projects (dramas). As for music, I will be recording some original music real soon too!” As for Coke Studio, the ‘Uddi Ja’ singer said, “No, I didn’t receive a call from Coke Studio so yea, that won’t be happening this time.”

Well, all the best to Mohsin for his future ventures and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for his fans. Stay tuned for more news and updates!