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Popularized by Mohib Mirza’s tongue-in-cheek humour, cult-classic television show Ishrat Baaji may soon be returning!

Taking to Facebook, Mohib shared a video in his classic avatar from the hit 2006 show. In the video, the actor takes up current issues and makes a mockery out of them in his signature style and reveals that the show will be airing soon.

However, the only difference he hints at is that it’s probably going to be an online series titled Ishrat Baaji: Online Branch Sector 2.

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“Apka bhai jald aarhaa hai social media ki bajanay,” the Arth actor wrote on his page.

Ishraj Baaji originally aired on Aag TV about a decade ago and was known for its satirical narrative. The story revolved around the eponymous character, whose name became the center of ridicule for its gender-neutrality.

Although Ishraj Baji was one of the pioneer characters of such regard, we wonder how the show will fare in the digital age where the same humour is the status quo. Time shall tell…