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When Ali Gul Pir and SomeWhatSuper got together to make a song about Pakistan and India’s current political situation, they perhaps weren’t sure whether the song would actually make it to India, but it did. After becoming viral in their own country, where the video has amassed over 700,000 views so far and has been featured on local news channels, ‘Modi Teri’ has even been written about in a leading Indian publication. Also, while there have been some across the border who have been offended with the song, Modi Teri has garnered laughs from Indians as well.

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Be it Pakistan’s VIP culture or the sleazy men we encounter everyday, Ali Gul Pir’s entertaining technique of addressing societal and political issues through his music has never failed to go viral. Most of us have found ourselves to be belting out the catchy and hilarious lyrics of his songs post their release, and ‘Modi Teri’ is no different!

We are no strangers to the crazy lyrics Pir comes up with, and additionally a winning factor of this song I feel, is its incredibly upbeat music. SomeWhatSuper’s happening beats combined with the very direct and controversial lyrics make for an unbelievably fun song, which may just be a level up from all his previous ones. The song addresses pretty much every issue that might have come up in the recent not-so-cold war between Pakistan India, from spy pigeons to a treacherous Adnan Sami Khan to a whiny Anupam Kher.

Coming to the video itself, the most apt and perhaps impactful portrayal was that of Kashmir, which was represented as a man sitting between India and Pakistan with his mouth taped shut. The whiny Modi (with a photograph of Fawad Khan taped to his shirt) was another very fitting image, you can’t disagree it portrays our nation’s sentiments towards him precisely.

The part where Pir claims to show Modi his version of a surgical strike, and then proceeds to go clubbing was perhaps a little strange, but then don’t most song videos have a part which just shows the artists doing their thing? All in all, Ali Gul Pir has yet to disappoint us when it comes to entertaining, out-of the-box music.