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We’ve been seeing clips of Saba Qamar’s upcoming TV series all over social media, increasing the hype behind the upcoming Baaghi, which is a biopic based on Qandeel Baloch’s life.

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The official trailer of the show was released last night (Tuesday), focusing on Fouzia’s transition to Qandeel – her journey from being a village girl to becoming an internet sensation. The trailer shows her abusive husband and brother, played by Ali Kazmi and Sarmad Khoosat respectively, along with her stint in the reality show Pakistan Idol.

We, however, are concerned about Saba’s depiction of Qandeel. The actress has proven herself in multiple dramas and has added big films to her name with Hindi Medium and Lahore Se Agay, but her portrayal of Qandeel does not look natural or entirely believable. It reminds us of Saba’s performance on Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain, where she excelled in imitating and doing parodies of renowned personalities.

Though we are skeptical about how closely the show will depict Qandeel’s real life and how they have gained access, if any, to what went on in her private life, it is no doubt an interesting project. Something we will definitely be watching!

Watch the trailer below, and tell us what you think.