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Actress Mira Sethi on Tuesday took to Instagram to announce her engagement. The 7 Din Mohabbat In actress posted a series of pictures introducing her fiance Bilal.

She wrote that the two knew each other throughout their lives as they are family friends, but they never sought each other till the spring of 2017. “Bilal and I would text. Talk about light stuff. He used the heart emoji unselfconsciously, as a friend might. The conversations veered from TV shows to politics to ‘plan for the day?’ The few times we met before he left for DC, he talked openly about his regrets and hopes and dreams. Sitting across from him in Cosa Nostra, this time not very hungry because my body was clenched with affection and interest, I listened. He was warm and funny and brilliant. That night, I curled up next to him and we watched a show on Netflix,”she wrote.


Mira Sethi

Mira Sethi’s fiancé, Bilal



Mira Sethi

Mira and Bilal



Mira Sethi

Mira and Bilal with family


“We went to a festival in the desert and slept under the stars. We danced to really bad music. We biked across the desert at night, our cycles glowing with fairy lights. Bilal biked ahead so I could follow him. He would slow his bike down every few minutes and ask, ‘Tum theek ho? Thand tou nahi lag rahi’? ‘Theek houn!’ I’d shout over the wind, pedalling furiously to keep up with him,” Mira wrote.

Wishing Mira and Bilal a life filled with happiness and love.