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Pakistan’s first web-series Enaaya was one of the most anticipated projects of 2019. The romantic comedy series — which is now streaming on Eros Now — has received backlash for the use of strong language in the first episode. Mehwish Hayat, who plays the titular role in the series, has responded to the criticism.

Even superstar Fahad Mustafa tweeted and expressed his disappointment at similar content and even though many speculated that he was talking about Enaaya.

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“Nudity, abusive language and just talking about sex is not content. Let’s not call it freedom of speech!” he tweeted. He added that web-series and short films need to present ‘dignified’ content or otherwise label it as ‘porn’.



After his tweet went viral, Fahad issued a clarification to ensure there was no bad blood between director Wajahat and himself. “I love you Wajahat Rauf and you know it. My tweet was about foreign content and not yours,” he tweeted.



Now, Mehwish has stepped forward and commented on the entire issue. In an Instagram post earlier today, the actress expressed sadness at the way everyone has reacted to the web-series, stating that there’s more to the content of the series than what it is being reduced down to.

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“It is really sad the way some people are passing judgements on Enaaya without having to watch the complete season. There is so much more to the show than those two dialogues which are not only a realistic portrayal of today’s youth culture but appropriate to the context of the scene. Let’s grow up and accept that a few words are not going to corrupt the nation. Thank you, next,” she wrote.

The series, which also features Azfar Rehman and Asad Siddiqui, was released on January 21.