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Pakistan’s youngest Nobel-Laureate, Malala Yousafzai seems to be getting what she wished for – and probably soon – as Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan accepted to speak at Oxford University on her request.

Replying to a thread of tweets from 2016 that was started by Alan Rusbridger – a principal at Oxford University – SRK was quick to acknowledge the invitation to come and speak at the esteemed institution when Malala retweeted and tagged the actor.



“Can we tempt to Oxford University to talk to our students at Lady Margaret Hall? They love you (I’m the principal),” Alan Rusbridger had written.

In his tweet, SRK replied back at Malala’s retweet and instead said that it would be his ‘privilege’ to meet Malala when he comes to the university.



“Most certainly would love to do it & meeting you will be a privilege,” he tweeted at Malala. “Will put my team to schedule it sooner than soon.”

Now, isn’t this sweet?