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Renowned South African comedian Trevor Noah just made a striking comparison between Pakistan’s would-be Prime Minister Imran Khan to US President Donald Trump – and we don’t know what to think anymore!

Terming that Imran’s background story is “unnervingly similar” to that of Trump’s as both belonged privileged backgrounds and were famous for their killer looks, the comedian left no holds barred in his comparisons.

In a recent episode of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show”, the 34-year-old comedian, who is known for calling out world politics and the hypocrisy it comprises believed that Khan and Trump were both portrayed in a similar light by the media and also felt that Khan was an “even more tanner version of President Trump,” which was hilarious in itself.

In a throwback interview presented on the show, Khan describes his lavish lair to “not be that lavish” after all and says that he has tried to make it “comfortable” for himself. Noah then points out at a picture of Khan’s old bedroom that he believes is a “part of Pakistan’s Trump Tower”.

Noah made funny observations from Khan’s throwback interview featuring his lavish lifestyle and a picture of his old bedroom believing it to be part of “Pakistan’s Trump Tower.” He even went to point out the similar career choices the two have made while one opted for pizza ads and the other promoted the famous beverage Pepsi.

The funniest observation Trevor pointed out was that,” Trump thinks Islam is bad, whereas Khan lives in Islamabad.” From similarity in their stance and speeches to the two being embroiled in sexual scandals, there were some striking similarities after all.


Watch the snippets from the show below:


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