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After Meesha Shafi’s claim of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar surfaced in April, the ongoing conflict has seen a number of legal upheavals and dismissals. However, now it seems, the case is back on track as the ‘Mein‘ singer has responded to Ali’s defamation notice.

Meesha had previously filed a case against the singer-turned-actor under the 2010 Punjab Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, whereas Ali, on the other hand, had denied all allegations and accused Shafi of defamation.

In recent news, the legal team for Meesha has categorically denied all accusations of slander.

“Meesha’s claims are the statement of truth, therefore it was her right under the law to file a complaint against Ali Zafar,” Shafi’s lawyer Ahmed Pansota told The Express Tribune. “We have made it clear with our previous response that our client was harassed by Ali. So we’re sure to prove the same with evidences.”

In response, Ali’s legal team representative, Ambreen Qureshi, too has given their opinion on the whole thing on behalf of their client.

“Thank God they have finally given the due respect to the law, this was their last chance given by the court,” she told the newspaper. “Maligning my client without any proof is disgusting. Each and everyone involved in the conspiracy will soon be answerable. Court has been calling the defendant for months now. Let evidence show how mere allegations are not always true and not each and every woman is a victim – some are there to misuse the movement. I hope Meesha’s legal team would start using their work forum, that is  courts, rather than Twitter for this case.”

While both parties have come forward with their accusations and subsequent responses, there still seems to be no solid grounding of the case brought to the public’s attention, as of yet. However, in the light of the global MeToo movement, we wonder if it will actually become the first case in Pakistan to see a conclusion and not just become another number to the list of harassment cases prevalent in the society.