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There is a lot of effort and thought that goes into designing a house and its interiors, and hence our homes are a reflection of our personality. They spaces we live in and how we decorate them say a lot about us. That’s why it is always exciting when one of your favoruite celebrity decides to show a very personal part of their lives through a house tour.

Recently, musician-cum-actor Meesha Shafi gave her fans a little tour of her Canadian “bungaloft” and we cannot stop gushing over the artsy space which is quite like the fashion statements she makes with her wardrobe. There is a lot of colour, a lot of texture, and endless elements begging their stories to be told.

If you need a quick snapshot: the house is full of exquisite furniture and technicolour carpets and cushions; antique pieces and a lot of planters are the highlight; white walls with big windows fill the space with natural light on bright sunny days and a beautiful kitchen where you can view lilacs bloom.



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Meesha posted a series of images and videos from her home on Instagram.

“Going to show you the same space in the day time. Starting from here for perspective,” she wrote, explaining, “I recently learnt that our type of house is called a bungaloft. I recently learnt that our type of house is called a bungaloft,” she explained. “It’s split into all these levels. While on the same floor when you look out different windows, you’ll sometimes be level with the ground, sometimes below and at other times above.”




BIG windows & beautiful carpets





Her white kitchen 





Her thoughts on housework




Let’s grow together





She also showed how her children helped her in painting and decorating the place




Don’t you think Meesha’s skills are so impressive? Well, here she is making the most of her degree in fine arts from NCA.



And lastly, she even received a fan mail requesting her to adopt them because someone wants to live in her beautiful house. Don’t we all?



You can find out more about her house on her Instagram.