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It seems the season to be philanthropic is upon us – not that there is ever a bad time for it – as iconic celebrities are now standing up to do their part for the well-being of the country and its people. While earlier it was Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh, who took part in multiple drives, it seems now our very own Meera jee has also decided to walk the philanthropic path in her life.

Starting off with donating PKR 25,000 to the Diamer-Bhasha Dam Funds and doing her part in saving Pakistan from water scarcity, the Lollywood star then traveled to Karachi to visit Zainab Rehabilitation Center, a school for special children.



The actress posted about it on Twitter, citing that it was ‘heartening to meet all the special kids.’

“We have to treat all kids equally. We need to all work together to shun the special treatment rich kids receive. #EqualityForAllKids,” she wrote in another post.

Meera also recently lauded the work done by Aamina Sheikh and Mahira Khan and claimed that ‘one has a responsibility to give back to society, otherwise that fame is considered vulgar.’

We like this new path Meera is walking. While stardom and glamour can be overwhelming, it is important for stars to give back to society in one way or the other.