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Saqib Malik’s much-anticipated directorial debut, Baaji, is amongst the few films creating all the rage this year. Marking the comeback of Bollywood’s glam queen – Meera – on the big screen, the film’s poster has been revealed on Wednesday and it features the actress in her larger than life persona alongside Amna Ilyas.

Baaji is set against the backdrop of fading Lollywood and the emerging new order of the Pakistani film industry. Written by Irfan Ahmed Urfi and Saqib Malik, the film is expected to be high on glamour and drama. What grabbed out attention instantly was the intriguing tagline which says ‘Every dream has a price’. The poster also unveiled the release date of the film which is scheduled to hit the theatres on June 28 this year.

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Official poster of the film


Other than the heroines on the poster, the film boasts a unique and stellar cast including Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Ali Kazmi in pivotal roles. Nisho, the Lollywood star of yesteryears, will also be seen in a strong supporting role, along with Nayyar Ejaz.



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Ali Saleem will also reprise his iconic persona of Begum Nawazish Ali in a cameo in the film. Talking to Something Haute, Ali shared that his “role is very crucial to the storyline as it contributes to the turning point of the film”.

Now that we know when Baaji is going to come out, next we are eagerly waiting for a teaser to get a glimpse of the stellar cast in action.