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If there’s one Pakistani actress who knows how to stay in the limelight, it has to be Mawra Hocane. No, it isn’t just Sammi that has kept her star on the rise, but rather her social media presence, which keeps everyone guessing what she’s up to. And the pretty celebrity is very interactive with her fans and followers, constantly giving them bits and pieces of insights into her life to obsess over.

This weekend the usually joyful and optimistic Mawra took to Twitter and Instagram to pen her thoughts about ‘shattered dreams’ and ‘being thankful’ and the vague post inspired us to prop our investigation hats on and find out more.

In a rather melancholic message, the actress said,

“And some days, just before you sleep a strange feeling sneaks up on you. You know it’s not one of those regular nights where you close your eyes to the world & dream away. Tonight the world doesn’t disappear, the silence of the night hides the thunder inside you & the pain creeps in from under your skin your heart and your soul. You succumb to despair, alone, while everything around you is just the SAME. You toss & turn, change the side of the bed. You know it has come back, the pain of your shattered dreams. The dreams that form the very essence of who you are. In this turmoil, light as a feather you see hope despite the darkness & this hope gives you peace when you realise that all your shattered dreams by far, every broken piece, will allow you to draw strength from them, in the years to come & may be with that very strength you will dream the same dreams Again. Bigger. Better!”

Mawra remained tight-lipped when we asked her what that status was all about; all she had to say was that “everyone has shattered dreams.”

We don’t know what to make of this sudden and uncharacteristic turn to sobriety but it does appear deeply person. It could be something as serious as love, loss and betrayal and it could just as well be something as trivial as a mood swing. What we do know is that it is endearing that Mawra connects with her fans through thick and thin and shares her thoughts with them. This is her way of saying, things may not always be perfect but that’s okay.