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It is advised to think before speaking, however, oftentimes celebrities appear on TV shows and make comments that backfire. Recently, actor Aiman Khan made an appearance on a game show with husband Muneeb Butt and while responding to a rapid-fire question, said that Mawra “should gain some weight as she is very skinny.”

The comment was distasteful and disliked by many social media users, who called Aiman out for body-shaming Mawra Hocane. Responding to the criticism, Aiman who has a huge social media following wrote that she is not someone who would disrespect anyone on social media or national TV.

“This is to clear a few things that I have been seeing circulating on the social media,” she posted in an Instagram story. “First of all, I am not the kind of person to disrespect anyone on national television or through social media.”

She also went on to add that her education or accent is no one’s concern and should not be judged. “I am a public figure yes, but not the public property that anyone can write anything negative or derogatory about,” she added.

The Baandi actor also accused social media of adding fuel to the fire.



Actor, Mawra Hocane who has often spoken about cyberbullying and its effects also shared her thoughts regarding the matter. Knowing her social media influence and responsibility, she used this as an opportunity to spread the message of peace, love and tolerance.

“To all the social media pages and fans, I do not appreciate anyone throwing the other person under the bus in the garb of supporting me,” the Sabaat star wrote.

“We must know how far we must go and not vilify the other person in the process. We are all humans and utter words that we don’t understand or fully mean. Let’s be kind. Let’s give each other space for improvement and not do the same or worst by spewing hate.”



Body shaming is ingrained in our society as much as other social evils are and on a daily basis, a woman is shamed and judged for her looks, weight, or complexion. Body shaming covers both criticisms of being “too fat” or “too skinny”

Sadly, these trends of publicly shaming celebrities’ bodies have become the cultural norm. Countless celebrities have encountered criticism on their appearance, however, it’s far worse when one celebrity comments on another instead of spreading positivity considering their influence.