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Model Anam Tanoli’s untimely death has sparked a much needed discussion on bullying and depression. The 26-year-old fashion designer and model committed suicide on Saturday, following which there have been reports that cyber-bullying and depression led her to take such a drastic step.

Mawra Hocane, on Monday, took to Instagram to offer her condolences and also to raise awareness about how destructive social media trolling can be. “RIP – Anam Tanoli I didn’t know her personally but I am devastated that a young beautiful girl succumbed to the bullies around her,” she wrote.

Mawra disclosed that she spoke to a friend of Anam’s who told her how deeply Anam was affected by social media trolling and bullying. “She was suffering from depression and the world was ruthless regardless. I wish she was stronger, but I also wish that we were kinder,” she added.


PTI leader and presidential candidate Dr Arif Alvi also tweeted about it and highlighted the need for round-the-clock psychiatric help to prevent such incidents:



Actress Armeena Khan also expressed her concern:


There have been many more messages on Twitter and Instagram where people are talking about how nasty comments on social media can lead to someone’s death:

If you know someone who’s battling depression, please reach out to them before it’s too late.