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Mawra has been spending time in Sydney with her parents; she’s probably catching up on some much needed rest and relaxation before she dives into an inevitably hectic Sammi schedule. However, Mawra is proving to be a great cultural ambassador for Pakistan in Sydney as she’s been talking to radio channels and just recently, attended a meet and greet hosted by media professionals to encourage Pakistani and Indian celebrities to interact with their fans. This evening was attended by a large section of the South Asian diaspora.






Amongst those seen was MP Starthfield Jodi McKay (in blue sari) who asked Mawra to teach her some fun steps from Sanam Teri Kasam’s hit song, ‘Kheench Meri Photo‘.



Mawra turned up in Pakistani brand Ivy

“It was overwhelming to receive love from both the Pakistani and Indian communities, to see the people from both these countries interknit in this new manner. It was heartening to be in an environment free of politics and one that was all about love!!”