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Leave it to our advertising agencies – and Mathira – to come up with the cheekiest advertisement there can be. If you thought the actress was done after her controversial condom ads for Josh previously, think again – and this time, think even crazier.

The ad starts with Mathira moving into a new house, and the guy next door helping her. Errr…where have we seen that before? That’s right, in the Maya Ali and Ahad Raza Mir Coke ad!

Well, it gets worse.

Clad in a similar ensemble, Mathira is about to be served chai only to then say, ‘is ghar mein sirf thanda chalega.’ What is the thanda here? Is it Coke? Is it Gatorade? Is it bleach to kill yourself after watching this ad? No, it’s a CARTON full of condoms.

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Ending the TVC with a slogan as racy as Thanda matlab…ahhh,’ we can’t help but think how this ad isn’t already in trouble with Coke, let alone PEMRA.

Are we finally ready to say ‘Zaalima, Coca-Cola Nahi Pilade’ because of this? We think so.


Check out the ad here and tell us what you think: