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Kubra Khan last appeared on television in Alif as Husn-e-Jahan after which she took a two-year break. She has now returned as Mashal in the much-awaited drama, Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay along with Mahira Khan and Usman Mukhtar.

In an exclusive conversation with Aamna Isani of Something Haute, Kubra shared some interesting details about her character, the challenges faced during the shoot, fears of being overshadowed by Mahira Khan and much more.



“Mashal is a very twisted character,” she revealed, explaining that the direction she used to get from director Farooq Rind required her to display several emotions in one expression.

She went on to add that the character has several layers and she keeps switching within a scene.

“From the heart, she’s not evil. But she is influenced,” Kubra further added stating that it was a fun experience overall.

“The first week of the shoot was tough for me,” she shared explaining that she kept trying to figure the nature of the character. “However, now that we are towards the end, it’s not Kubra and Mahira on set, it’s Mashal and Mehreen.”

When Kubra was first offered this character, she did not want to play a negative role and make people hate her. “I had taken a break and before that, I played Husn e Jehan which was such an iconic character. When I read Mashal, I was like she’s such a psycho woman.”

“Over time, I’ve found justification for everything.”

Watch the interview here: