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From Tanhaiyaan to Dhoop Kinare, Marina Khan became a name that was unmatchable. With her salt-and-pepper hair in a neat bob cut and her warm smile, she won hearts with her endearing persona. However, even after many years in front of the camera, the actress eventually ventured into direction – bringing us the entertaining Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat? series – but, never films. However, all that is about to change as Marina Khan is now all set to make her film debut with Na Maloom Afraad 2.

Speaking to the actress, who still has the kind and loving face we grew up watching, the most important question to be asked was how come Khan decided to grace the big screen now? She replied with a laugh that lit up her whole face, “Because someone asked me!” Which made us wonder if Marina Khan wasn’t being asked to act in films, then who was?

The actress went on to tell us that she had steered her career towards production and direction, which she also happens to enjoy more.  “But these days direction and production has become a little difficult, and I thought maybe acting is something I want to come back to,” she admitted

The veteran actress also has a role in Parvaaz Hai Junoon, which she actually signed and shot for first, but eventually, the release date ended up being pushed back.


marina khan

Marina Khan with director Nabeel Qureshi at the trailer launch of NMA2

With years of experience behind her, we wanted to know about her experience working with the newer generation, to which she replied, “It was fantastic. With Nabeel and Fizza, because I’ve loved both their movies, it was a pleasure for me to be in their team. I wouldn’t have said no to them even if they had asked me to say just one dialogue in the film.”

Khan also shared her views on how our cinematography and art direction has developed greatly, but what our industry lacks the most is professionalism.  “We also don’t have any institutes or training, so people just learn on their jobs. Some of the teams work very well, some don’t and that’s just a lack of coordination and there is apathy. Film is still better, television is horrific because people just don’t listen to anybody. “

The actress stressed the importance of work ethics and punctuality, which happens to be an aspect most of us lack. She clarified how unlike most of her other experiences, things on the NMA2 sets were timely and coordinated.

“Just coming on time is so important…you can have everything going well but if your artists arrive late then nothing works out. People end up shouting and it just spoils the mood and the fun of it.”

Marina Khan will be playing the role of Hania Aamir’s mother in both her upcoming films and while it may not be a lead role, it will definitely be a major reason to watch the films.