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Normally Salman Sheikh, better known as Mani and also @manipakistani on Instagram, wouldn’t make it to any credible publication simply because he doesn’t have much credible work to his credit. His most recent claim to fame has been being married to Hira Mani, who – after appearing on Samina Peerzada’a show and astounding us with her interview (and not in a good way) – goes to prove that they are in fact a match made in heaven.

Does it sound like we’re getting a little personal? Well, we have to say Mani asked for it when he posted this:



No normal human being, let alone a man and a public figure at that, would be dumb enough to post this in this day and age. We understand that so many men feel this way (he implies that a woman has to be attractive to be harassed) but then most of them are smart enough not to make their thoughts public. This is like standing on a rooftop and shouting that you’re a misogynist and a dumb-ass. We don’t know which one is worse.

Mani probably woke up to the reactions his post got and has since then deleted the post. However, his post came with an even more unbelievable excuse. He just blamed the post on his ‘PR guy’. It’s unbelievable because we can’t believe Mani has a PR guy!


It’s disturbing to see what our celebrities will do for attention because seriously, we can’t come up with a better excuse for him to have saved Tarana Burke’s picture from Google and designed a post with text on it.