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Masarrat Misbah Makeup (MM) is one of the few renown local makeup brands that have established a loyal clientele in a short time span; women love the ‘halal’ certification the products come with, as well as the fact that the products are affordable and adapted to Asian skin tones. MM launched its latest line of matte and liquid lipsticks along with a black liquid eyeliner just yesterday and being a makeup aficionado, I was quick to try out all three!

The line includes 7 liquid matte lipsticks and 14 regular matte lipsticks in total.


Matte Luxe- Athena
Haute rating: 6/10


masarrat misbah

Matte lipstick- Athena

Matte lipsticks are my personal favourite and this dusty rose pink colour is perfect for everyday wear. The container itself could have been more attractive, and I didn’t find the formula creamy enough for a smooth application. However, the colour won me over and so did its long-lasting finish. I didn’t need any touch up throughout the day, and it lasted well through a serving of French Fries and a plate of biryani!


MM Perfect Wear Liner
Haute rating: 6/10

The packaging was basic and compact, easy enough to fit in a tiny makeup pouch or even one’s pocket. The liner was easy to apply, but not as glossy as I like mine to be. However, for Rs.790, it is quite a steal.

Liquid Lipstick- Trouble
Haute rating: 7/10


masarrat misbah

Liquid matte lipstick- Trouble


A strong contender to Huda Beauty’s Heartbreaker red, the scarlet colour is pretty on point. I wish the applicator had a slanted tip, to make it easier to line the lips, plus the formula did feel a little drying on the lips. That said, it was amazingly smudge proof and once again, extremely long lasting; plus it didn’t feel heavy on the lips as bold colours tend to. If you’re looking for a good quality dupe for the famed Heartbreaker – we found you one!