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Following the famous trend of reaching out to fans via the #Ask hashtag on Twitter, the charming Mahira Khan too held a fun session last night (Tuesday) and we absolutely loved her witty replies.

Lately, Mahira has been super active on social media so her fans made full use of this opportunity to ask her several questions, also simultaneously showing her immense love for her work. However, there’s always that one smartass who tries to ruin the experience for everyone. Like this troll who asked Mahira, “why do girls usually push the door when it says pull?”

And MK’s response surely cracked us up! Here, check it out:



“Because girls don’t like to be told what to do,” she responded.  Ouch! That’s got to hurt!


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The Humsafar actor also expressed excitement for teaser of Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming film Zero. A fan asked her if she watched it and whether she liked it or not, to which she replied:



She also revealed some fun facts about herself like she is scared of snakes more than lizards and cockroaches. And that she really enjoys eating anda qeema, (egg and mince) and ice cream and fries.

Lastly, she thanked her fans for all the love and support they showed her and said she was extremely grateful:



Mahira’s Eid release 7 Din Mohabbat In has garnered mixed reviews but the audience has loved her character in the movie and it has even managed to do fairly well at the box office during the long Eid weekend.